Último número de Contention Journal

Os dejamos último número de la revista Contention Journal que es muy interesante. Los artículos son descargables en PDF.

Contention Journal is now available online

Special Issue – Research and Methods in the Study of Social Protest: Dialogues on Disciplines
Editors – Travaglino G. A. (University of Kent) & Callan B. (Loughborough University)


Mino Conte

After Disciplines? Critical Activity as Encyclopaideia (PDF) 

Jon Dean

The Role of the Reflexive Self In Mailer’s Protests (PDF) 

Nadia Ferrer

Re-Thinking Social Theory in Contemporary Social Movements (PDF) 

Deanna Dadusc

Power, Knowledge and Resistances in the Study of Social Movements  (PDF)

Brian Callan

Gauging The Mood: Operationalizing Emotion Through Ethnography  (PDF)

Aziz Choudry

(Almost) Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Activist Research But Were Afraid To Ask: What Activist Researchers Say About Theory And Methodology  (PDF)

Teppo Eskelinen

Giuseppe Caruso (2012) Cosmopolitan Futures. Global Activism for a Just
World. Helsinki: Into Publishing. Free e-BooK. pp .228, isbn 978-952-264-216-5 (PDF)       

Contention is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed and open access journal dedicated to research on and about different forms of social protest. Contention aims to go beyond the fences drawn between different Social Sciences and across Social Sciences and Humanities. Contention accepts contributions from different fields and areas.

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